Tuesday, February 8, 2011

feathers, Feathers...FEATHERS!!!!

"Yankee Doodle went to town riding on a Pony,
Stuck a FEATHER in his hair,
and Called it Macaroni"

Feathers are the hottest new thing in Hair extensions. The paparazzi, in recent days, has caught many celebs donning colorful plumage while the runways in New York City and Paris have had their fair share of bird tufts this season.
Now is your time to shine (or should we say "fly")

At Static Salon, we may not be calling the Feathers in our hair "Macaroni" but we have heard some call our feathers Fancy, Cool and Cute! We also are not riding into town on a pony, but we are definitely strut the streets with a new found "air"!

Come to Static Salon for your Feather Fix!!!

Call Static Salon for pricing and to Book your Feather Extension appointment. (323)782-3888

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


We hope all of you had a happy, healthy and relaxing Holiday season.

We at Static Salon had a very eventful December and had so much fun getting to spend so much time with each of our clients and hear about all of there Holiday plans. We continue to feel blessed to have each of our clients in our lives and know that Static Salon has the best clients/friends ever!

Here is a little recap on our December festivities...

Lets Start with our MAMA event, "Less Mall, More MELROSE"

(now, lets be honest...all of our events include food, but, is there really anything better than hair and food? We don't think so)
"Less Mall, MORE MELROSE" event turned out to be a great event for all of Melrose. In our salon, we had chances to win Static Salon gift certificates (Bianca, its a good thing you brought your awesome husband Dave along with you...he is a good guesser!) and we had cupcakes too.

Throughout Melrose there were many food trucks, which we at Static Salon indulged in. When Static Salon client, Tamera, left the salon, she was sucked into the crepe truck but the delicious smell. She had to buy one of each of the dessert crepes and then come back to the salon to share. It was a sight to behold...all 6 crepes out on trays in the middle of the styling floor with every stylist and every client in the salon at the time, with a fork in hand and going to town. We argued and joked over which ones were our favorites and were all ready to kiss Tamera for hooking us up with the yummiest thing around.

To celebrate the Holiday's, before Static Salon closed for a couple days, we had a Hot Chocolate Bar. Stylists, Clients and our Melrose friends had a fun time creating, what they believed, was the winning Hot Chocolate with plenty of delicious mix-ins.
Is there a better way to celebrate the December festivities than to sip on Hot Chocolate?

Of course there were many other things we did on a daily basis throughout December, most of which was spending quality time with most of our clients.

Again we are thankful for each and every one of you Static Lovers and Hope that 2011 is a successful year filled with Joy and Happiness!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Take a seasonal stroll on Melrose between Fairfax and La Brea and look for the red MAMA dots to find holiday discounts and special events from our neighbors this Saturday December 4th 2010




Booya’s Frozen Yogurt • 7751 1/2 Melrose Avenue

Booya's Frozen Yogurt will offer one free 8 oz. cup of yogurt to those who mention MAMA.

Sportie LA *All three locations* • 7753, 7751, 7454 Melrose

Sportie LA will offer 15% off to those who mention MAMA.

My Closet Italia • 7716 Melrose Avenue

My Closet Italia will offer 10% off all merchandise as well as complimentary Champagne, music & snacks.

Headline Records, 7706 Melrose Avenue

Headline Records will offer tax off on everything in the store.

Melrose Strip Auto Detailing • 7673 Melrose

Melrose Strip Auto Detailing will give a free spray wax with purchase of a carwash to those who mention MAMA.

Static Salon, 706 North Gardner

Static Salon will offer cocktails and cupcakes, coupons for future services to new clients and gift certificate RAFFLES!

John Fluevog Shoes, 7475 Melrose Avenue

John Fluevog Shoes will launch the "No You're Weird" photo contest with live sidewalk entertainment by The Ukulady between 2 and 4pm on the NE corner of Melrose & Gardner. Bring a camera and your weirdness for your chance to win a $1000 gift certificate.

The Foundry on Melrose, 7465 Melrose Avenue

The Foundry on Melrose will have live jazz in the lounge and offer complimentary tots to those who mention MAMA.

S&G Boutique, 7414 Melrose Avenue

S&G Clothing will offer complimentary drinks and refreshments, 15% off to anyone who mentions MAMA and burlesque dancers performing in the window from 4 - 6 pm.

Crossroads Trading Company • 7409 Melrose Avenue

Crossroads on Melrose will offer a free reusable tote for all customers who SELL $100 or more retail, 10% off one full-priced item for all FACEBOOK FANS, eggnog + cookies, and a “Pick Your Presents” rack of merchandise that will make perfect gifts.

l.a.Eyeworks, 7407 Melrose Avenue

l.a.Eyeworks Camp Sight! Point your compass to our annual holiday store filled with "camping"-inspired gifts: cool flasks, trippy teleidoscopes, designer flashlights and gourmet salts & sweets. One lucky scout wins a RAFFLE for a free pair of l.a.Eyeworks grizzly-free glasses!

The Village Idiot, 7383 Melrose Avenue

The Village Idiot will debut a new winter cocktail-“The Melrose In-Cider”- a warm bourbon spiked vanilla apple cider sure to massage your credit score and strengthen your shopping resolve (tell the bartender MAMA sent you and receive a free copy of eat.shop los angeles third edition, while supplies last)

Blue Jam CafĂ© • 7371 Melrose Avenue

Blu Jam Cafe will offer $2.00 cups of Kamil's famous soups from 4 pm to 8 pm.

The Groundlings, 7307 Melrose Avenue

The Groundlings will offer 25% off tickets to the 10pm showing of their hilarious sketch show - The Groundlings Holiday Show starring members of the Groundlings Main Company and the live Groundlings band! Stop by between 4-7pm for gingerbread cookies and a free Groundlings water bottle!

Melrose Avenue is an internationally renowned shopping, dining, and entertainment destination, located just a heartbeat away from the fabled core of Hollywood. Building on Melrose Avenue's dynamic history of free-thinking, independent style and innovation, the Melrose Avenue Merchant Alliance (MAMA) works to ensure that the Melrose business corridor remains a vibrant community that--true to its roots--marches to its own unique beat.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010


On October 17, 2010 Static Salon and Friends joined 30,000 other people for a little walk around the streets of LA to raise money and fight against AIDS.
Along the way we saw others just as passionate as we were to be walking on this most incredible day. The energy that was created by 30,000 people of all ages was unlike anything that could possibly been imagined.

No one walking knew the where the other 30,000 walkers were from, what there background was, what kind of a house they lived in or how much money they made annually.
But we all, for one afternoon were connected by something that matter more than all that stuff. We were all out, walking in the rain for 6 miles, to fight for people that we may never meet or know. We were fighting for others to live a longer life, we were fighting for health, we were fighting for loved ones living with this disease and in honor of loved ones that have passed on. We were walking because we believed in something greater than ourselves. In one afternoon 30,000 Los Angelenos' hearts came together for one great cause and in the grand scheme of life...there is nothing more special or more moving than one giant group coming together in LOVE.
Along the way...we had fun too!
We posed for pictures
We cheered with the crowd
We smiled the entire time
We drank lots of water
We joked around and connected with each other
We remembered how much we love each other
We totally bonded
We showed pride for our team
Along the way...a little piece of us changed. We became just a little bit better people.
Thanks AIDS Walk! We had a blast.

Check out the next blog post for more on Team Static!


Team Static was was unbelievable with the amount of Heart and Soul and Passion that went into every step taken at the Los Angeles AIDS walk.
Before the walk actually started Team Static met up (well most of us...Alex and Roland met us at the start line) for a pre-walk "tailgating" (minus the cars) party. We had some muffins and got each other energized about the walk.
Meet the amazing Team Static...
Left to Right: Swan, Sandra, Callie, Tony, Bri, Jeffrey, Veronica, Tina, House, Joe, Julie

Tony was an unbelievable support to team Static and probably one of our biggest Cheerleaders. So many of Tony's Clients and Friends Joined us for the Event.
Bri and Julie Pose for a photo op.
Veronica...One of Static's Most fun clients. She sure knows how to liven up a room and we were so happy to have her walk with us.
Jeffrey...A Static Stylist. Although a little under the weather, Jeff came out to walk with us. Thanks Jeff!
Ms. Julie...This young lady is one amazing person. Julie raised $1075.00 for the AIDS walk. She has true passion for this cause and has a heart of GOLD! We love you Julie, thanks for being such a HUGE example to everyone that you come in contact with. We love that you are a Static Client and Friend!
Sandra...One of Static's biggest fans! Sandra is a HUGE support to Static in all that they do, So, it was no surprise when Sandra Signed up to walk with team Static. Thanks Sandra, We love you.
Callie and Swan...We were all super excited when Callie signed up to walk with team Static and when she said she was going to also bring along her husband Swan. They were super fun to walk with. After all this time of Callie being a Static client it was fun to meet her husband.
Joe, Tina and Bri...the Static Salon Owners all walked as well.
House...One of Tony's good friends walked team Static. He was a fun loving guy with a ton of heart and a great addition to our team.
Roland...Our parking guy!!! Who can say that they love the parking guy??? Static Salon can! We love that Roland decided to walk with us. It was fun to see him out of his uniform.
Alex...A Static Salon Stylist. Alex is always fun to be around. Alex has a ton of passion and love for the AIDS walk and has always been a big supporter of this event.